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Learn how QAD Precision helps global shippers streamline operations, mitigate risk and increase efficiencies.

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In this 30-minute webinar, Jerry Peck will discuss a number of lessons learned from his time in the industry. Most importantly, he will discuss how classification can be used as a competitive advantage.
Join QAD's Olivier Joncas for this timely webinar where he discusses the  Digitalization of Import Management and how businesses benefit from an automated process. 
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Together, Oracle OTM and QAD Precision integrate to create a uniform shipping process across all modes of transportation. Presented jointly by Oracle and QAD Precision, this webinar will discuss the advantages of this integration. 
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How Consolidations Save Time, Money & Customs Headaches
Join us for a recorded 30 minute webinar titled How Consolidations Save Time, Money and Customs Headaches where industry experts will discuss how consolidation works and the benefits your company can reap by taking advantage of it. 
Whether you are just starting out or you’ve been in business for 20 years, don’t be led astray by believing these ten lies promo companies tell themselves. Find out why you need to change the way you think so you can successfully grow your business and thrive in these challenging times. 
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Hear QAD Precision's Trevor Long and Mark McMonagle deliver a 30 minute webinar where they discuss the process for executing a multi-carrier Shipping optimization strategy and give you a first hand look at QAD Precision's best in class solution.
QAD Precision's Jerry Peck discusses Disruptive Technologies Most Likely to Impact Trade and Customs.
What Does Made in the USA Really Mean?
In order to qualify for duty-free treatment under the USMCA, goods imported into the United States must conform with the Rules of Origin set forth by the USMCA. Watch this webinar replay to learn the current rules of origin, how to apply them, and correctly complete and maintain the proper documentation to take advantage of the reduced tariffs under USMCA.
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Moving QAD Precision to the Cloud. Why Now?
More and more companies have moved critical applications to the cloud. Isn't it time you moved your QAD Precision application too? In this 30-minute webinar, Brendan Kerlin, QAD Precision’s VP of Consulting and Transformation Services discusses the benefits of moving QAD Precision to the cloud.

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