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With the QAD On-Demand Webinars learn how we help our customers strive to become Effective Enterprises: Every business process operating at peak efficiency and perfectly aligned with the company’s strategic goals. We offer on demand webinars in a variety of industries and solutions. Use the category options below to find a webinar on a desired topic.

On-Demand Webinars by Category

Banking & Finance

Shipping Logistics: Hidden Opportunities for the Financial & Banking Industry
QAD Precision’s Trade Compliance, Transportation Execution & Free Trade Agreements experts, Mark McMonagle & Chris Shea discuss and provide insights on some of the areas in which a transportation execution solution can make a meaningful impact for financial sector businesses. Watch Replay


The Dangers of Ignoring Restricted Party Screening Would your company willingly work with someone profiteering from organized crime? How about someone engaged in the illegal proliferation of nuclear weapons or terrorism? For the vast majority of businesses the answer is a resounding “no!”  Join our Industry experts as we discuss the Dangers of Ignoring RPS. Watch Replay
Got Parcels? Learn how to Extend OTM for Global Multi Carrier Parcel Shipping
Together, Oracle OTM and QAD Precision integrate to create a uniform shipping process across all modes of transportation. Presented jointly by Oracle and QAD Precision, this webinar will discuss the advantages of this integration.  Watch Replay
Is Moving to the Cloud Right for You? Sr. Solutions Consultant Mark McMonagle takes us through the process of understanding PRECISION Cloud and see if it’s the right path for your organization. Watch Replay
How Consolidations Save Time, Money and Customs Headaches Join us for a recorded 30 minute webinar titled How Consolidations Save Time, Money and Customs Headaches where industry experts will discuss how consolidation works and the benefits your company can reap by taking advantage of it. Watch Replay
Navigating USMCA Compliance Listen to learn more about complying with the updated free trade agreement. QAD Precision’s Solutions Consultant, Olivier Joncas and Global Account Executive, Michael Tew will discuss the differences between NAFTA and the USMCA and how to prepare your organization for the changes. Watch Replay
See How USMCA Can Work For Your Organization QAD Precision’s Solutions Consultant, Olivier Joncas and Global Account Executive, Michael Tew will discuss the changes you should expect from the USMCA and how to prepare your organization for the changes. Watch Replay
Simplifying Post Brexit Trade: Things to Consider Industry experts look at processes that can simplify post-Brexit global trade and shipping. Watch Replay
Everything You Want To Know About FTZs and are too Afraid to Ask.  Foreign-Trade Zone Corporation recently joined QAD Precision. In this 30-minute webinar, Corey Rhodes and Craig Pool will discuss what this means for existing FTZC customers, how FTZs work and the benefits of leveraging FTZs. Watch Replay 
Lessons Learned: Turning Import Classification into a Competitive Advantage In this 30-minute webinar, Jerry Peck will discuss a number of lessons learned from his time in the industry. Most importantly, he will discuss how classification can be used as a competitive advantage. Watch Replay
Dangerous Goods & Revision 7: An Overview for Shippers. In this webinar, industry experts Dr. Luc Séguin of KMK Regulatory Services Inc and Paula Reavis, Dangerous Goods Trainer at Reavis Compliance Company come together with QAD Precision's Olivier Joncas to discuss best practices for shipping dangerous goods as well as the recent regulation changes and the impact for Revision 7 of the GHS.
Watch Replay
Moving QAD Precision to the Cloud. Why Now? In this 30-minute webinar, Brendan Kerlin, QAD Precision’s VP of Consulting and Transformation Services will discuss the benefits of moving QAD Precision to the cloud.  Watch Replay
Got Pallets? Leveraging FedEx Freight with QAD Precision In this webinar, industry experts Teresa Exum, FedEx Services and QAD Precision's Michael Tew discuss benefits of using FedEx Freight and how QAD Precision customers can leverage this service. Watch Replay

Higher Ed

Is Parcel Shipping Costing Your University More Than Money Listen as experts discuss controlling your transportation spend — AND your reputation. For the last few years we have been touring the largest universities in the US and examining their shipping and trade compliance processes.
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University Shipping Simplified
QAD Precision’s Trade Compliance &Transportation Management experts, Jeff Flanagan and Chris Shea will discuss how universities can simplify shipping along with providing a faced-paced demonstration of our award-winning QAD Precision technology. Watch Replay

Life Sciences

Global Trade Management for Life Sciences QAD Precision’s Sr. Solutions Consultant, Mark McMonagle and QAD Precision’s Global Account Executive, Michael Tew discuss key challenges life sciences companies face such as managing sourcing complexity and addressing global complexities - imports and exports to name a few. In addition, you will learn how to attack these challenges and understand the key success points for managing global trade. Watch Replay


3 eCommerce Trends to Watch for in 2021 and Beyond Ecommerce is an ever-changing industry. Every year, several new trends come up that can help your business grow and outdo your competitors – 2021 is no different. What’s the new normal for eCommerce and what can you do to thrive in 2021 and beyond?
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