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Thrive in Turbulence Session 1
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Learn how to become an Adaptive enterprise during this session.
Thrive in Turbulence Session 2
How to adopt digital manufacturing to conquer your market.
Thrive in Turbulence Session 3
In this session, we’ll discuss different solutions to adopt to effectively manage your enterprise.
Brexit’s impact to your QAD ERP
The webinar will discuss the impacts of these rules on your ERP system and the changes you will need to make for VAT, Import Duties and Intrastat reporting.
Learn why a QAD customer recently stated: “The QAD Supplier Portal improves our productivity, saves us money and ensures we consistently meet our customers’ needs."
The QAD Enterprise Platform Analytics offers you the real actionable insights into the data that drives your business. learn more about our extended analytics capabilities.
The Digital Factory (2020 edition)
QAD’s Production Execution will enable your company to become a real digital factory, with real-time insight in your whole manufacturing process fully integrated in QAD.
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Do you sell, source or distribute goods or materials between the EU and the UK? If so, on 31 December 2020 the way you do business may irrevocably change. Learn more now!
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Watch the webinar and learn how QAD’s QMS will not only enable your company to rapidly deal with failure in an agile manner but use it to effectively gain a competitive advantage.
QAD DynaSys - Your planning spreadsheets are costing you € millions!
Excel is costing you money! Inaccurate forecasts lead to inaccurate production & purchasing plans which lead to unhappy customers. Watch the webinar, we have the solution!
QAD eInvoicing - a New strategy for streamlining finance
Learn how QAD can drive automation and realise major cost savings in your finance department. With QAD eInvoicing you can achieve these goals while simultaneously increasing supplier and customer satisfaction.
Operational Restart Readiness - Are you ready to fire up your factory?
We will show you how to restart your manufacturing operations. We will also provide a 13-point checklist for your organization to apply in evaluating potential risks in restarting your operations.
Yur forcasts are wrong
QAD DynaSys - Your Forecasts Are Wrong - Planning in the New World
This webinar will review both the short term and long term considerations of forecasting and planning in an uncertain environment as automotive manufacturers restart production, change gears, and prepare for ongoing operations.
Extending Your ERP Without Customization
Extending Your ERP Without Customization
Discover how you can automate your supplier scheduling agreements with QAD Adaptive ERP without customizations - with low code / no code extensibility and built-in workflow.
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Learn how you can become more effective, improve your decision making and gain a competitive advantage by using our Adaptive ERP software

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Learn in only 30 minutes how you can help your enterprise to be more effective, and improve your decision making using real-time analytics across the entire business, in QAD's Next Generation ERP.