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Learn how QAD helps customers strive to become Adaptive Manufacturing Enterprises where every business process is operating at peak efficiency and perfectly aligned with strategic goals. Take advantage of these on-demand webinars on various industries and solutions.

As automotive manufacturers emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic, the changes occurring in organizations as a result of COVID-19 can be seen from the shop floor to the C-suite.
Learn about the current state of the Medical Device industry and hear why Risk Management and Business Continuity planning is critical right now. Learn how to manage through the current crisis and prepare for the next business disruption.
Watch this webinar to get an overview of how the auto industry is evolving, explore new business models and scenarios you should be considering and discuss challenges as the industry recovers from COVID-19 impacts. 
Automotive: Your Forecasts are Wrong
This webinar reviews both the short term and long term considerations of forecasting and planning in an uncertain environment as automotive manufacturers restart production, change gears, and prepare for ongoing operations.
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This webinar addresses the Key Restart & Continuity Concerns and how to manage manufacturing plants to prepare for the restart of their operations
Regardless of the business environment, reducing costs and improving cash flow should be high priorities!
Extend ERP Functionality with No-Code/Low-Code Applications
Discover how to extend your ERP with QAD’s No-Code or Low-Code functionality without the restraints of customization.
The Four Metrics that Make or Break Your CPG Supply Chain Strategy
Having a resilient supply chain strategy is important to adapt to the marketplace. Utilizing key metrics along with proven processes and software tools can help you manage your supply chain and become an adaptive manufacturing enterprise.
Life After SAP ECC6
With the approaching ECC 6 end of life, it’s imperative that you consider ERP that eliminates the painful, costly implementations, adapts to the rapid pace of business change and simplifies the adoption of advanced technologies.

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