Faced with constant product innovation and changes?

Complimentary video for Flexible Packaging Manufacturers

Watch how an industry experiencing unprecedented growth but constant changes can use a more coordinated approach focused on customer satisfaction and business profitability to enable greater success.
As indicated previously, Flexible Packaging is experiencing the challenges of unprecedented growth… Compounded by the complexity of achieving operational excellence. Potential market share increase and improved customer support, however, cannot be achieved based on just traditional belt-tightening techniques.

Flexible packaging manufacturers have tried to overcome certain barriers as untapped capacity, inappropriate inventory levels and underperformance on client deliveries. None of these are ill-advised efforts but they can have counter-intuitive or nominal short-term effects.

The QAD White Paper “How will Manufacturers of Flexible Packaging Materials Achieve Operational Efficiency Under Dynamic Market Pressures?” discusses how the next generation of Flexible Packaging Manufacturers are now exploring the need to operate as a consolidated and collaborative entity at peak efficiency.

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