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QAD-Concepts-Globe_with_laptops.jpgWith the QAD On-Demand Webinars learn how we help our customers strive to become Effective Enterprises: Every business process operating at peak efficiency and perfectly aligned with the company’s strategic goals. We offer on demand webinars in a variety of industries and solutions. Use the category options below to find a webinar on a desired topic.

On-Demand Webinars by Category


Are you Ready for IATF 16949:2016?
Organizations in the automotive industry will need to transition from ISO/TS 16949:2009 to IATF 16949:2016 by September 18, 2018.

Paul Hardiman, Director of Quality Partner Ltd and a IATF Oversight trainer and witness auditor, shares his knowledge on IATF 16949:2016, the background, the changes, the timeline and will make recommendations for an effective transition.

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Are you ready for MMOG/LE Version 5 Cloud?
Hear our panel of experts from Ford, AIAG and QAD as they discuss the areas of change for MMOG/LE V5 that include:

  • What is the new MMOG/LE V5?
  • How will the scoring work in V5?
  • When will I begin submitting MMOG/LE in the cloud?
  • What are Ford requirements for V5 and the new cloud offering?
  • How can I receive training on the new version and the cloud application?
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How secure is your EDI?
What is your EDI disaster recovery plan? Unpatched legacy EDI translators and outdated platforms are serious concerns for any enterprise. If you can’t count on your EDI processes, your whole value chain is in jeopardy. QAD Cloud EDI has features often not found in legacy on-premise EDI processes.

Learn more about QAD Cloud EDI solutions and let us handle your EDI so you can focus on your core business processes.

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EDI International Functionality
Learn how QAD Cloud EDI allows companies to effectively manage global EDI with:
  • A single, end-to-end global solution 
  • Deep expertise implementing global EDI technologies such as OFTP, VDA, and self billing 
  • The support of unicode and double-byte character sets

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Having a tough time finding EDI talent?
Can you replace retirees? Like many other enterprises, have you encountered a talent gap for EDI technical staff? Do you have a plan for your EDI processes?

Many enterprises are not prepared for the expected retirement of key EDI staff in the next 5 years. Putting EDI projects on hold due to the lack of available technical staff is not a feasible plan. Let QAD help you with the EDI talent gap so you can focus on your core business processes.

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Simplify eCommerce with QAD Cloud EDI Hear how QAD Cloud EDI streamlines global e-commerce and improves collaboration with trading partners. Understand how it:
  • Reduces operating costs
  • Speeds up integration of new trading partners up and down the value chain
  • Consolidates all EDI services under one service provider 
  • Improves visibility of the entire communication

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Key Benefits and Extensions to QAD Automation Solutions Learn how QAD Automation Solutions is taking its customers to the next level, beyond regular label printing and scanning. Customers can further eliminate user errors, improve process control, real-time access to data and stay compliant with industry and regulatory requirements.

Hear Michael Ochi, QAD Automation Solutions Expert discuss how QAD Automation Solution Extensions can:
  • Improve your business process efficiency
  • Reduce errors
  • Save time 
  • Save money
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Cloud ERP

The QAD Enterprise Platform: Flexibility & ERP
Learn about the importance of a flexible ERP system, and why the QAD Enterprise Platform is the key to agility. In the agenda:
  • What makes companies change their ERP
  • The QAD Enterprise Platform
  • Foundation Services 
  • The Importance of a Flexible ERP System

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L&W Presents Moving to the Cloud: How to Make the Transition a Success Learn how the L&W Group took a ten year leap in QAD versions and successfully moved from a mature on premise implementation with 16 domains and 900+ users to QAD Cloud ERP in only seven months.

Andrew Amstutz, Director of Information Technology, L&W Group, shares how the company:
  • Set the scope for a complex migration project
  • Embraced the QAD Project Methodology
  • Managed the Cloud ERP transition for maximum effectiveness
  • Improved UI experience
  • Leveraged QAD resources and expertise by moving to the Cloud

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Improve Inventory Management and Reduce Costs with QAD Supplier Portal QAD Supplier Portal is an inventory visibility tool, provided on the QAD Cloud, that allows your company to share information about inventory, scheduling, purchase orders, shipments, Kanbans, invoices, bills of material and more with your authorized suppliers. QAD, presents QAD Supplier Portal’s benefits:
  • Reduce inventory investment without risking material shortages and downtime
  • Eliminate waste and reduce errors by replacing forms with electronic communication
  • Reduce expediting cost with real-time communication on demand
  • Reduce procurement costs with supplier self-service and alerts
  • Interested in making suppliers aware of changes in business conditions? Hear how QAD – Alert Emails improve response time to suppliers and customers based on real-time events.
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Channel Islands -The Future of your Effective Enterprise Listen to MaryAnn Guthrie, Vice President of Research & Development, User Experience and Customer Management Solutions at QAD, discuss how Channel Islands Santa Rosa 2 empowers your users:
  • With QAD Supplier Portal, which now runs on the Channel Islands architecture, providing a distinguished user experience, the ability to personalize and enhanced security while enabling increased collaboration between QAD customers and their suppliers.
  • With new KPI’s for Action Centers, this gives managers quick access to key metrics, embedded analytics and the ability to turn reports and browses into key performance indicators (KPIs).
  • Watch an in-depth demo as we dive deeper into the features and functionality of the new Channel Islands Santa Rosa 2 interface.
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Manufacturers and the Growing Cybersecurity Threat
Watch Evan Quinn and Kevin Schantz, cloud security experts at QAD, explain:
  • How the cloud has become an important factor in ERP and supply chain solution security.
  • Not all cloud ERP solutions are equal.
  • The evolution of hacking and the threat environment in manufacturing.
  • Why manufacturers are increasingly moving business-critical applications to the cloud.
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Reducing Invoicing Costs with Global eInvoicing Compliance?
Listen as Gary Wasserman, QAD Principal Solution Consultant discusses how QAD eInvoicing addresses these requirements resulting in lower invoicing costs, improved cash management, and enhanced business efficiency.

Discover the benefits for buyers, suppliers, and management. Also, hear how QAD eInvoicing benefits will:
  • Save you cash with improved cash management
  • Automate accounts receivable and accounts payable processing 
  • Help you meet ever-changing government requirements

Maximize Supplier Performance with QAD Supplier Portal  Listen as QAD's Thomas Reiter, Supplier Portal expert shares the latest updates for QAD Supplier Portal including:
  • Highlights of the business benefits a global manufacturer achieved with improved supplier collaboration
  • The new, intuitive user experience for improved collaboration
  • Alert capabilities for rapid response to supply disruptions
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Who is QAD? - A Webinar for the ERP Consultant Community Listen to Bert Honour, VP business development at QAD host webinar 1, "Who is QAD?", of the 4 part webinar series for the consultant community. This short, 15-minute webinar provides a structured introduction to QAD. As consultants, analysts or in other influencer roles, we want you to have a fresh vision of QAD as we have made significant changes to our products including:
  • Functional features
  • Core architecture design
  • Professional services to more rapidly onboard new clients
  • The adoption of our cloud offering
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ASC606/Revenue Recognition
Will you be in compliance? When is the deadline? Learn the answers to these questions and what actions you can take now to prepare.

Find out about the key features of the QAD Revenue Recognition module, including:
  • Revenue Contract Creation
  • Use of Performance Obligations
  • Revenue Recognition Rules & Calculations
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Solve the Mystery of Tax Compliance
QAD’s 2018 Solution Partner of the Year, Avalara, shares their expertise on how to navigate the ever-changing laws of tax compliance for QAD customers. With mergers, divestitures, acquisitions and constant growth, companies can find it difficult to stay compliant. Avalara’s integration with QAD can help!

Listen to Chris Rossini, Sales Tax Expert and QAD Partner, Avalara discusses:
  • Risks of sales tax non-compliance
  • Avalara’s full tax compliance suite of products and services
  • How Avalara’s integration with QAD can help with your ERP upgrade
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Industry 4.0

ERP & Your Journey to Industry 4.0 The hype about Industry 4.0 is everywhere. Many manufacturers are looking beyond the overwhelming hype and develop a strategy to drive business value using Industry 4.0 technologies.

Listen as Glenn Graney, Industry 4.0 expert at QAD, discusses the implications of Industry 4.0 and ERP including:
  • A quick examination and comparison of the hype to actual industry progress
  • Use cases that help position the Industry 4.0 technologies that really matter 
  • The implications of evolving technology on your current and future ERP and business system initiatives
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QAD Automation Solutions
Gain operational visibility, control, and accuracy across your material handling processes from inbound receipt of goods through production and ultimately outbound to external customers using QAD Automation Solutions. 

Discover how QAD Automation Solutions can:
  • Help improve inventory accuracy
  • Provide real-time access to data
  • Lower TCO
  • Reduce risk

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The Internet of Things, Industry 4.0 and Automation Solutions
Many manufacturers are at the early stages of embracing the supporting technology and strategic planning around Industry 4.0. This webinar covers: 
  • A quick rundown of the Industry 4.0 buzz
  • An understanding of the underlying technology changes that are causing the excitement
  • Reasons why this should be part of every manufacturer’s development plan
  • A translation of the technology and strategy into immediate projects and benefits

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Increase Your Bottom Line with Free Trade Agreement Compliance
Hear QAD’s FTA experts, Olivier Joncas and Simon Heath discuss Free Trade Agreements and the challenges with performing manual origin determination of manufactured goods as well as the benefits of obtaining preferential status.

The presentation reviews industry insights on how to maximize the likelihood of preferential status under Free Trade Agreements. The key messages are:
  • How to identify materials affecting your goods eligibility
  • How to reduce the solicitation effort for sourced materials
  • How to survive a CBP verification of origin audit
There is also a live demonstration of QAD Precision FTA.
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Demand & Supply Chain Planning

S&OP Technology Listen as Jeff Livingston, Senior Solutions Consultant at DynaSys, a trusted provider of demand and supply chain planning solutions (DSCP), discusses:
  • Where is your business on the Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP) maturity scale? 
  • When is the right time to leverage technology to take your S&OP/Integrated Business Planning (IBP) process to the next level? 
  • How can technology like DynaSys DSCP support your planning process maturity and the transition from S&OP to IBP? 
Learn the answers to these questions and what actions you can take now to prepare by watching our webinar.
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The Fundamentals of IBP (DynaSys) Listen as Dan Allen, IBP Expert at DynaSys, a trusted provider of Demand and Supply Chain Planning (DSCP) solutions, discusses The Fundamentals of IBP:
  • The benefits of Integrated Business Planning (IBP) such as planning time fences to optimize production
  • The steps to follow when implementing an IBP process: from demand and supply planning to demand balancing and the business review
  • The information you should use in an IBP process to maximize this data-driven process
IBP is a comprehensive data-driven process which is demonstrated during the webinar.
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The Fundamentals of IBP (QAD)
Integrated Business Planning (IBP) is driven by business goals, such as your company's strategic, tactical and operational plans. IBP is about aligning all parts of the organization to work toward operational excellence.

Listen to Dan Allen, IBP Expert at QAD, a trusted provider of Demand and Supply Chain Planning (DSCP) solutions, discusses The Fundamentals of IBP:
  • The benefits of Integrated Business Planning (IBP) such as planning time fences to optimize production
  • The steps to follow when implementing an IBP process: from demand and supply planning to demand balancing and the business review
  • The information you should use in an IBP process to maximize this data-driven process
  • IBP is a comprehensive data-driven process which we will demonstrate
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IBP/S&OP Scenario Planning: Managing Uncertainty
Listen as Jeff Livingston, IBP Expert at DynaSys, a trusted provider of Demand and Supply Chain Planning (DSCP) solutions, discusses:
  • What is IBP scenario planning?
  • How do I use scenario planning to operate at a higher level?
  • Do I understand the limits of my business and the impact of various decision options?
Learn the answers to these questions and what actions you can take now to prepare by watching our webinar.
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Is Your Supply Chain Futureproof?
Change is the only constant in life. By nature, supply chains are always evolving. Recently, the complexity and pace of the change in supply chains has gone into overdrive, and we should expect this exponential rate of change to continue.

Listen as Shaun Phillips, Supply Chain Expert at DynaSys, a division of QAD, discuss the intricacies of a future proof supply chain through:
  • Digital Transformation
  • Machine Learning
  • Internet of Things
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Enabling Advanced Sales & Operations Planning With QAD Demand & Supply Chain Planning Listen as Dan Allen, QAD S&OP Expert discusses how QAD DSCP provides the technology platform that enables you to implement an advanced S&OP process that fits the unique needs of your organization.

Also, hear how QAD DSCP simplifies S&OP by offering the following key capabilities:
  • Provides management with an optimal decision tool for S&OP.
  • Facilitates clear and formal collaboration and communication between the demand and supply sides of the business.
  • Documents a company-wide vision shared by all key business units.
  • Drives alignment between planning levels, including strategic, tactical and operational and executive S&OP with operational S&OP for product mix.
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Quality Management

Quality Management: Why It Should be part of Your Corporate Strategy
Your organization has its own unique requirements and procedures, but one thing every successful company shares is a dedication to quality. Research shows that companies with a QMS in place are more profitable than those that don’t.

Find out how QAD QMS can help your quality efforts, control costs and reduce risk. Discover:
  • How QAD QMS can be a valuable tool to reduce costs and increase margins
  • Why FDA compliance doesn’t start at shipment—or even on the shop floor
  • When contingency planning pays off with risk reduction

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Vertically Integrated Quality - Less Paper, More Benefits Listen to speakers describe the potential for advancement in the support of manufacturing quality efforts through:
  • Recognizing the true cost of quality and known impediments to progress.
  • Development of quality initiatives with integrated planning and operational execution.
  • Quality maturity model that allows for evaluation and development of the sustainable quality platform.
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Best Practices for Incorporating Risk & Performance Requirements of ISO 9001:2015 and IATF 16949:2016 in your QMS
Listen to Terry Onica and Cathy Fisher in this interactive webinar where you will:
  • Learn key requirements in ISO 9001:2015 and IATF 16949:2016 related to QMS performance and risk-based thinking
  • Examine what evidence currently exists in your organization to demonstrate performance and risk-based thinking
  • Learn how automating workflows for your QMS performance and risk-based thinking ensures your leadership has access to essential information for improved business decision-making
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Is your QMS Integrated to Resolve Failures? David Rendel, CAPA Expert discusses how QAD CAPA software ensures your organization complies with quality standards and drives continuous improvement in product quality and reliability. Also hear about the other benefits of automating the QAD CAPA/NCR process including:

  • Process discipline
  • Time savings
  • Automated notification and tracking
  • Closed-loop system
  • Enhanced reporting
  • Reduce the cost of poor quality

How Can a Connected Supply Chain Minimize the Effects of a Recall?
Recalls will happen. It is a fact. Even with the best quality and safety practices in place, there will be times when a recall will be necessary either as a result of contamination or as a precaution. Listen as QAD's Stephen Dombroski discusses the critical supply chain processes that need to be in place and synchronized to achieve the goal of connecting the supply chain to effectively manage the recall process. These include:

  • Process and Value Chain Mapping
  • Inventory Traceability and Tracking
  • Supplier Communication
  • Manufacturing and Operational Communication
  • Quality and Safety Documentation
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How to Implement APQP Right: the Process and the Benefits Listen as Michael Mallen, APQP Expert describes the critical elements to implementing an effective APQP program, such as:
  • Defined phases of APQP
  • Methodology based on Plan, Do, Check, Act
  • Financial and operational benefits you can realize
  • APQP enabled by Enterprise Quality Management System
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Life Sciences

Achieving Operational Excellence in the Medical Devices Industry Watch this recorded webinar to learn a new way to address some of the major challenges facing medical device manufacturers in this rapidly changing and highly competitive sector.

Listen as Dan Matlis, president of Axendia and Bart Reitter, director of life sciences at QAD, explain:

  • Why medical device manufacturers must change the way they bring products to market.
  • How cost pressures, expanding regulations and increasing competition are forcing medical device manufacturers to streamline their operations.
  • What type of solutions provide deep demand and supply chain visibility to help get operations under control.
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QAD Labs (PE)

Is Your ERP Operating in Real-Time?
Listen as QAD's Glenn Graney, Manufacturing Operations expert, shares why it's critical to move Your Enterprise to Real-Time ERP and QAD Production Execution. Hear the value of QAD Production Execution including:

  • Better operational decision making
  • Shared awareness of active status
  • Collaboration between operations and planning functions
  • Less paper – less paper – less paper
  • Operator productivity
  • Noninvasive data capture
  • Less is more
  • Centralized solution has tangible benefits
  • Reduced points of failure
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Supplier Portal

Optimize Your Inventory Through Improved Supplier Management and Communication
How you manage your inventory will directly impact the cash flow of your business. Why? Because your cash is tied up in that very stock.

  • QAD's Supplier Portal expert Gary Wasserman, discusses the importance of inventory turnover to your operations. He explains why inventory turnover is such an essential part of operations, and strategies to find opportunities for optimization.

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Manufacturers - Eliminate Shortage/Overage Problems – Finding Equilibrium
QAD's Supplier Portal Expert Gary Wasserman discusses how carrying costs impact margins and profitability. He also discusses the importance of:
  • Manufacturers and buyers purposely carry excess inventory to avoid stockouts
  • Forecasts/change orders not updated in real-time result in material overages/shortages
  • Unknown dispatch dates and lack of visibility of suppliers shipping full or partial orders
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90% Reduction in Missed Deliveries You too can realize a 90% reduction in missed deliveries and minimize costly premium freight fees. Listen to QAD's Supplier Portal Expert Gary Wasserman discuss the importance of improving collaboration with suppliers and how to:
  • Decrease costs
  • Enhance customer service
  • Gain visibility to customer's demands
  • Better control expediting costs, material transfers, etc.

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