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4th July 2017- Consumer Products Webinar 
Manage your extended Supply Chain. Anticipate. Optimise. Decide

18th July 2017 - Industrial Webinar 
Towards Industry 4.0: How to optimise its supply Chain?

Tuesday 4th July 2017- Consumer Products Webinar
Manage your Extended Supply Chain. Anticipate. Optimise. Decide. 
Manufacturers of consumer goods deliver the right product, in good quantity, at the right cost, in the right place, at the right time. 

Join Gary Shaw, Business Consultant and DynaSys Expert

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Increase margins and turnover, improve customer service, reduce inventories, maximise productivity, control supply and production costs, etc. These are all daily challenges for manufacturers of consumer goods, It can be complex to address.

Lack of alignment in planning: 
Contingent needs and / or objectives may be contrary to the strategic needs and / or objectives of the company.
Volatility of demand:
Demand is constantly evolving. Responding to consumer preferences and their expectations in terms of service is more difficult in the absence of a clear vision of the demand.
Lack of operational visibility:
The balance between supply and demand is managed from suppliers to customers and vice versa. All the processes of your Supply Chain: distribution, manufacturing, purchasing, marketing, ... must be synchronised.

How can we meet all these challenges? How to synchronise all these processes while responding to the real demand? In 30 minutes, enjoy feedback from customers using DynaSys Demand & Supply Chain Planning solutions. With many accompaniments from similar projects, Gary Shaw will present their findings and share with you the best practices observed and adopted.

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18th July 2017- Industrial Webinar

Towards Industry 4.0: How to optimise its Supply Chain?  

How can we simultaneously respond to the challenges of stock optimisation, cost and service levels, whilst improving quality?

Join Gary Shaw, Business Consultant and DynaSys Expert 

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Due to the variety of their customers and their areas of expertise, today's industrialists are faced with increasingly complex challenges leading to increasingly demanding expectations. To meet these expectations, planning for the Supply Chain becomes an essential process for the success of the company.

How to synchronise all information
How to make forecasts reliable?
How to align industrial resources to meet this demand?
How to make the right decisions at the right time and at the right level?
In summary, how to improve the overall performance of the company?

Focused on the specificity and problems specific to the Industry, this webinar will answer these questions, based on feedback from customers in your industry, using DynaSys Demand & Supply Chain Planning solutions. In 30 minutes, our expert will expose the issues you face, and will share with you the best practices on which DynaSys Demand & Supply Chain Planning solutions are based.

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